Fast import of the ICCA Association leads

Bizmaker® Integration Tool: fast import of the ICCA Association leads

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Bizmaker® Integration Tool quickly imports in one click the data such as Meeting essentials and Meeting editions from the ICCA Association database: all you need is the excel file you download from the ICCA Association database.

Once imported, you have now a copy of the association meetings data in the Bizmaker® Integration Tool. The next steps are:

  • analyse the association meetings using the friendly user interface;
  • profile the association meetings following the built-in sales funnel;
  • search for additional information with advanced research tools, in order to increase your chances to win the bid;
  • save the valuable information you have collected in the Bizmaker® Integration Tool software and keep them ready just one click away in later working sessions;
  • produce reports on the work done, to keep your boss or customers informed about the progress of the work;
  • link the association meetings to your local contacts or link them through the built-in (optional) Bizmaker® CRM software.
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In this video we look at how to import leads from the ICCA database with one click. I will use the import/update series button and from the desktop import the excel file I just exported from the ICCA database.