Video: how to generate reports with Bizmaker® Integration Tool

In this video I talk about how to generate reports.

We can select- the destination to ge-nerate the report- for and then we can work with multiple destinations, but I don’t go into that in this video.

There are 3 types of reports: one based on the application deadline, one based on workflows and one with statistical data.

Let’s look at the statistical report first: we have all the leads for this destination broken down by profiling.

For each category, by clicking on the button with the shopping cart we can explore which leads are profiled in this way and possibly change the profiling if there has been a change in status.

With this button we enter the details of the congress, consult the details or track the data of a local contact.

Let’s go back to the main page and look at report number two, the process-based report.
We then get a report with leads categorized according to the 13 profiling levels.

Instead, the third report is based on the application deadline.

All leads are sorted by year and month based on the the application deadline.

This report allows you to schedule your time in your application search.

If, for example, you think it’s time to work on short-term deadlines, you can select the one with the most promising situation from the various leads and make good use of your time.

Thus, the three types of reports address 3 different needs.

The report based on the application deadline serves to plan the time of those who physically do this type of exciting research.

The second report is used to report the activity to a supervisor and the statistical report is used to monitor the progress of the international applications research work.

Credits: picture by Sebastiaan Ter Burg