Events and business facing the second outbreak in Vietnam

To inform the visitors, conference organisers and corporate meeting planners around the world about the current situation in Vietnam regarding the virus outbreak, we have interviewed Mr. Giovanni Zangani, Founder and Managing Partner of Maestro Equity Partners, based in Ho Chi Minh City, for its opinion.

Thank you for accepting this interview, Giovanni. Please, introduce yourself and your business

Thank you for having me. I am the founder and managing partner of Maestro Equity Partners, an investment firm investing in private businesses producing and delivering food and durable goods to the growing middle class in SEA in general and Vietnam in particular; we are present in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City.

We recently shared a report by Vietnam news: they wrote that schools and Universities opened up again after a six week suspension on March 3rd

Some schools in the north opened in the first week of March as at the end of February the 16th and last COVID19 case was discharged and the country was preparing to go back to normality. Unfortunately, that lasted only a few days; on the 6th of March, after a few Vietnamese traveled back from Europe, a second and larger outbreak started in Hanoi spreading the virus in the whole country. As for now, schools are expected to stay close until the end of April, but an extension of the term is very likely.

How is your life currently in Ho Chi Minh City?

Life in Ho Chi Minh City during these times is much slower than usual. People are very cautious and have been avoiding public places for the last few weeks when the second wave of cases has started. Moreover, the Prime Minister announced a lockdown starting from the 1st of April till the 15th for the whole country where people are urged to leave their homes only to buy food, drugs or to work in the essential sectors which are not suspended.