I’m Enrico Belli and Bizmaker® is the brand name of the business I founded in 2017.

Why I founded Bizmaker®: to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), business networks and professionals innovate their marketing and sales processes, facilitating the adoption of new business models.


Over time I’ve seen that our fast-changing world requires constant adjustments. Today, in 2021, this statement is even more true. 

Change isn’t always bad: it can also be profitable for those who are open to change, experimentation, and curiosity. 

Bizmaker® – Value for customers was born from this vision: it is time to offer services that can find new ways to create value for customers and develop collaborative networks.

Long before I founded Bizmaker®, I invested a lot of energy in digitizing my workflows with the Claris FileMaker platform. This was a good investment and now allows me to help my clients, in turn, create value for their customers.

How can we work together?

Under the Bizmaker® brand, I offer marketing consulting, training and software with a modular approach.

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