Analyse the Association meetings leads using a friendly user interface

Analyse the association meetings using this friendly user interface

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View the association meetings (Meeting editions) in a list easy to read and search through with advanced search tools. The excel files coming down from the ICCA database are full of useful information but the excel format file is not designed for sales and marketing purposes. The excel format file does not allow you to know who last modified an individual data element, and when. The Bizmaker® Integration Tool software allows you to keep track of every modification in every single record, so you can find out who lastly edited and when.

In this video, I talk about how to analyze and profile leads.
In the Status tab, we have the possibility to profile the lead according to 13 steps ranging from the initial “under consideration” stage to the stages commercially closest to winning the bid.
So we have now seen how to profile our lead according to a predefined sequence, in 13 steps, which can also be customized.