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As documented by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, Vietnam is ranked #126 out of 185 countries for confirmed Covid-19 cases, with zero fatalities, as of today April, 29th.

We are pleased to share some lines from a recent report by the Los Angeles Times.

This is a quote from Shashank Bengali, Singapore, taken from the article published on the Los Angeles Times’ website.

SINGAPORE — Offering a rare and surprising bright spot in the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam began easing its nationwide lockdown Thursday following an aggressive containment campaign that has meant few infections and no deaths in an Asian nation initially believed to be at great risk from the coronavirus.


And experts caution that the fight isn’t over. Starting Thursday, Vietnam allowed residents across the country to resume small gatherings and restarted buses, taxis and regular domestic flights for the first time in three weeks. But with much of Southeast Asia still under lockdown, people must continue wearing masks in public, gatherings of more than 20 remain off-limits, schools will stay closed for several more weeks and international flights are still grounded, officials said.

“Many parts of the world are still infected, so the risk is not over for us,” Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said this week.
Since the government imposed a partial nationwide lockdown April 1, Vietnam saw only a modest increase in coronavirus cases to 268, with all but 44 recovered and no fatalities.

Shashank Bengali, April 23rd, Los Angeles Times

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