After the new coronavirus outbreak in Da Nang, last August, Vietnam marked 20 days with no community COVID-19 infections on September 22nd.

Photo: Christopher Crouzet

This is a quote from a report by Vietnamnews.

Since the first case was detected back in January, there have been 1,069 infections nationwide. Of those, 947 people have made a full recovery and 35 fatalities have been recorded. Also on Tuesday, 10 people were given the all-clear after beating coronavirus (…).

In the new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in Việt Nam (since July 25), the north recorded four cases of COVID-19 with critical conditions. Up to date, three of these four cases have recovered. The other one is in stable conditions and clear of all symptoms. 

Among 121 active patients, 15 have tested negative for the virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 once, two others twice, and 19 thrice.

Currently, there are 23,725 people having close contact with confirmed cases or coming from pandemic-hit regions under quarantine.

According to the steering committee, at present, COVID-19 outbreaks in Việt Nam are basically put under control, but there remains a risk of infection in major urban areas if locals are subjective in disease prevention and control.

People nationwide are advised to continue wearing face masks, wash their hands regularly, keep distance with others, avoid crowed gatherings and make health declarations


In the following graph, provided by Our World in Data website, all the confirmed cases are shown, included some imported cases.

Daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Vietnam (source: Our World in data)

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