According to the  2018 ICCA Statistics Reports, published today, Vietnam is at the 50th position in the worldwide ranking, as it hosted 57 International Association Meetings in 2018.

Vietnam is at the 14th position in the Asia-Pacific ranking instead.

The ICCA Statistics Report provides statistics about the cities also.

Hanoi is ranked #27 in the Asia-Pacific city ranking, with 23 International Association Meetings, and #50 in the Worldwide city ranking. The second best ranked city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, that is  #50 in the Asia-Pacific ranking and #214 in the Worldwide ranking.

And what about Quy Nhon, our city?

Number of hosted meetings in the Science sector in 4 Vietnamese cities

On the basis of the work done by the ICISE Conference Center in the scientific congresses, Quy Nhon is the 3rd city in Vietnam for the number of hosted meetings in the Science sector.

The city of Da Nang is also tied 3rd, together with Quy Nhon.

Yet, if you have a look at the following graph, you’ll see how the activity of the Rencontres du Vietnam Association and of the ICISE Conference Center (founded in 2013)  had an impact on the recent growth of Quy Nhon as city of Science meetings.

The mission of the ICISE Conference Center, developing knowledge transfer, international cooperation and business in Southeast Asia, proceeds with many upcoming events.

Moreover, on 2020 the ICISE Conference Center will host the first IEEE Conference and the first IWA Conference in its young history.


Readers should note that this report is a “snapshot” of qualifying meetings in the ICCA Association Database as sampled in May 2019, and that future statistics may be amended as ICCA becomes aware of additional qualifying meetings. The ICCA Statistics Reports are based on the ICCA Association Database, which means the figures cover meetings organised by international associations which:
1. take place on a regular basis
2. rotate between a minimum of three countries/territories
3. have at least 50 participants
ICCA’s Association Database is designed as a sales and marketing resource for its members to target future international association meetings, which is why it does not include one‐off meetings or those which do not move between locations.

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