Prof. Trần Thanh Vân, founder of Recontres du Vietnam and the ICISE Conference center recently talked with Việt Nam News reporter Hoàng Anh about the Science for development conference, one of the events that mark 25 years since the first meeting.
We publish here a summary of the interview.


This year marks the 25th year of Recontres du Vietnam, what special events are you planning for this important milestone?

The first Recontres du Vietnam was held in 1993 with around 60 international scientists and 40 Vietnamese. I want to invite many of the original guests from back then to attend this year’s meeting on August 5-11. It will be a much different conference than the first, which will only focus in scientific topics and almost exclusively for scientists and researchers (…).

Why did you choose Bình Định as the location for the ICISE conference center and not one of the well-connected cities such as Hà Nội or HCM City?

One of the reasons why we chose Bình Định was because it was not well connected to the rest of the country. We wanted scientists to come here only for science and not for any other reasons.

It was also because of the enthusiasm of the provincial authorities in their support. The province fully understood and supported our goal of building a centre for scientific development. Another important reason why we chose Bình Định over other locations was because the province is home to Quy Nhơn University.

What projects is ICISE working on to improve its education and research capacity?

The most important asset in the development of science is human resources. We need young scientists who are willing to work and take risks. We have two PhD graduates who came back to Việt Nam after completing their studies overseas to work at the centre (…).

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