Mr. Daniele D’Odorico, Managing Director, Industrielle Beteiligung Co. Ltd., Vietnam

Mr. Daniele D’Odorico is Managing Director at Industrielle Beteiligung Co. Ltd., Vietnam, owned by Danieli, a big company with its headquarters in Italy. Danieli is a full cycle provider from raw materials to finished products in the metals industry. Mr. Daniele D’Odorico, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City, kindly accepted to answer our questions.

Please, briefly introduce yourself and your company’s activity in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia

Italian, married, I come from one of the technical institutes in Udine which has always worked with Danieli. I’m 50 and over twenty in the company. Thanks to the opportunity offered to me by the Group, I moved to Vietnam in 2012, initially as technical director.
Currently I hold the position of legal representative and managing director of Industrielle Beteiligung Co. Ltd (Danieli Vietnam), in Ho Chi Minh City.
Danieli Vietnam, established in 2007, has become one of the Group’s most important engineering centers, with 200 local engineers recruited from the best Universities in Vietnam.

Which is the most interesting business your company is focusing in Vietnam?

Danieli since 1914 designs, manufactures, erects and start up metals plants and equipment both on turnkey and single units supply basis and operates among the three largest worldwide suppliers of equipment and plants to the metal industry.
It’s an international and multicultural team that covers the full spectrum of technology, from iron ore to the different finished products. It’s the world leader for minimills and long products rolling mills, and consolidated its position in the field of the full integrated plants.
The core business of our branch is to provide engineering services, supervisions and after sales service for projects in Vietnam and worldwide, including drawings for buildings and foundations, mechanical equipment, piping and software for steel industries. A dedicate team develop solutions for environmental sustainability and profitability as fume treatment, noise reduction, water treatment, energy saving, solid waste treatment and recovery: solutions applicable also in fields outside the steel market.

Which is the most valued knowledge your company transfer to your customers?

Our Customers know our determination to improve constantly our performances, in order to enhance the technical and economic competitiveness, speed, quality and customer service.
Our motto “A step ahead in Capex and Opex”, expresses our desire to transfer them the same concept. Yes, because we are not only suppliers, but partners of our customers, committed to support them during all phases of their projects.
Customer orientation, team spirit, passion, coherence and reliability are some of our priority values.

Which are the Vietnamese people’s values you, as Italian, mostly appreciate?

We can describe Vietnamese with few words: people who want to learn and improve, proud and… stubborn.
 Despite history and culture completely different from ours, I can see many similarities with the people of my homeland… Maybe that’s why I appreciate these features.
They love the family and have a great respect for the elderly, values that we maybe are forgetting.
In our workplace, integration is very fast, thanks to the openness of mind but also to the periods in Italy foreseen as training path for young engineers, during which they can work side by side with the company experts.