Jesi, an ancient town in the middle of Italy, is to host the Summer School on Nutrigenomics. Here at the ICISE conference center we recently had  the pleasure to receive the visit of the organiser, prof. Rosita Gabbianelli. She is Associate Professor in Biochemistry at the University in Camerino, Italy. She unveils, in this interview, her plans of an Asian Summer School on Nutrigenomics.

Prof. Rosita Gabbianelli, which is your field of research?

Summer School on nutrigenomics
Prof. Rosita Gabbianelli

My field of research includes nutrigenomics, which can give new insights into strategies useful in maintaining good health by studying the impact of nutrients on gene expression. Nutrigenomics studies bioactive food compounds which can not only properly modulate our genome but also our epigenome. By means of this research we can gain more information about the interplay between food components and health. Research on this subject can also improve our knowledge of the biological properties of food and could lead discovering new foods that are useful for health.
Cooperation with small and medium enterprises that are working on food and supplements could help promote the growth of those companies that are interested in improving the quality of their products. Companies can benefit from the scientific expertise of researchers working at the University and can take advantage of the tax breaks that are available for 100% of the costs incurred in such operations.

How long have you been cooperating with Vietnamese universities?

I started my cooperation with Vietnamese Universities four years ago. During my activity as Delegate for inter Universities Cooperation between Europe and Asia, I made the aquaintance of a colleague working at University of Hanoi which has a Centre of Italian Culture. She introduced me to the University of Pharmacy in Hanoi.
After the first visit, we prepared an Erasmus Plus proposal that was positively accepted by the EU. On my second visit I met colleagues working at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture and at the National Institute of Medicinal Materials. In addition I had the opportunity to get to know people working on public health in Vietnam: on 2016 I co-organized in my University, together with AICU (Italian Association Carlo Urbani) and INRCA (Italian Scientific Institute of Hospitalization and Caregiving) a course for Vietnamese Physicians, in memory and as tribute to Carlo Urbani. Dr. Urbani was the doctor and microbiologist who was the first to identify the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). This course for Vietnamese Physicians has also given me the opportunity to visit the Thanh Hoa Medical Center during a subsequent visit to Vietnam. My University has also recently started cooperation with another University located in Ho Chi Min.  A further project which includes six Vietnamese universities has been recently presented to the EU.

You recently visited Quy Nhon, its University and the ICISE conference center. Did you get some results from this visit?

Summer School on nutrigenomicsYes, I had the opportunity to visit the Quy Nhon University where I gave a lecture on nutrigenomics, and where I outlined the basis of a future cooperation with the colleagues working there. I returned with a positive impression because the Teachers, Researchers and the Rector himself were all dynamic and cooperative.
During my visit I had also the possibility to visit the ICISE conference center: it was a really great experience; the place is fantastic. It is a wonderful place to organize meetings, workshops or summer schools . This stylish and forward looking structure is located in a beautiful natural setting with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. A truly ideal place for the relaxation that serves to reinforce the concentrated work required during meetings.

Are you organising a Summer School on Nutrigenomics?

Yes, I am organizing the 3rd European Summer School on Nutrigenomics that will take place in Italy, in the beautiful ancient city of Jesi. The Summer School of Nutrigenomics will have international speakers working on nutrigenomics from NUGO (the Association of Universities and Research Institutes focusing on molecular nutrition, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics and nutritional systems biology) and the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics. The 3rd European Summer School on Nutrigenomics open to 100 young researchers and which will take place on June 25-29, 2018.  As in the previous Summer School, where we had participants from about 30 countries, this year we already have registrations from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA . The summer school is a great opportunity for young researchers to both network with each other and with our prestigious speakers.

Are you planning to organise a conference in Vietnam?

I would like organize a summer school in Nutrigenomics, specifically for Asian researchers interested in gaining new insights into the matter. There is obviously a great demand from Asia as many Asian reseachers have already registered for the European Summer School. The ICISE conference center would be perfect, because it  is really a paradise for researchers who want to join and interact with their colleagues. Moreover, we are already working on a new project where several universities from Vietnam are involved: we are evaluating whether there is sufficient demand and institutional interest in doing such a project. If we can obtain sufficient support from the partners involved, the ICISE conference center could be the location for future meetings in Vietnam.