Professor Geraldus ‘t Hooft (the second from right) together with Professor Jean Tran Thanh Van (the first on the right)

“Science Avenue” is now the name of the road leading to the ICISE conference center and the Explora Science Center,  which is being built not very far from the ICISE conference center. On July 27th, 2017, a ceremony for the opening of the “Science Avenue” took place with the presence of many scientists, the ICISE President and staff as well as local authorities. Professor Geraldus’t Hooft, Physics Nobel laureate in 1999, who attended the ceremony,  made a short but interesting speech for this occasion:

Gerardus ‘t Hooft

“It is a great honor for me to join the “Science Avenue” Opening Ceremony today with all of you, great scientists and science supporters. This “Science Avenue” does not only lead us to the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in Quy Nhon – Viet Nam, but it also paves the way for us towards the deepest understanding of our living environment, the universe. I would like to take this moment to thank Professor Van and all delegates who made all efforts to this iconic achievement.

This event reminds me of a funny story about another “science avenue” at a university I visited a few years ago in Europe. I was about to give a lecture and walked by a construction site that was repairing a street named “Science Blvd”. The sign said “Science Blvd is temporarily closed”. My colleagues and I laughed out loud due to the ironic meaning of the sign. I hope that the “Science Avenue” we are opening here today for Viet Nam and for us all scientists around the world will “permanently and infinitely open”. Thank you.”

During the last 4 years more than 2.500 scientists and 11 Nobel Prize winners have traveled the road now called “Science Avenue” to reach the ICISE conference center.  As Professor Hooft’s speech conclusion, we also strongly hope that the road to the Science will be always open.